Inspections and field service

Our high degree of expertise through many years experience of deliveries contributes to minimize risk and costly errors or accidents for your Heavy Duty Logistics and Load Securement requirements. We identify the dimensions of your loads and analyze potential hazards based on details, volumes and deadlines of your projects, leading to a comprehensive loading, installation or rig up plan. We also possess many years’ experience in delivering heavy structures, rig ups and moving so we can assist in managing the specific projects for you.

Heavy-Duty Logistics and Load Securement are vital aspects of successful delivery or relocation of heavy plant. Expert advice is essential to minimize risk and costly errors or accidents.

DIS have achieved a high degree of expertise through many years’ experience of deliveries from their own manufacturing facility as well as managing engineering construction projects across the globe.

We assist in all aspects of project transportation. Through a detailed consultation and investigation process, we assess the details, volumes and deadlines of transportation projects.

Transportation Analysis

We identify the dimensions of loads and analyze potential risks.

We will provide a comprehensive transportation concept plan combined with our proposal for the successful implementation of the heavy-duty project, once our engineers have analyzed the specific requirements in detail.

Planning and calculating load capacities, weights and lashing points with the help of CAD tools and clarifying dimensions and transport restrictions are vital when choosing the right mode of transport project.

Load Securement

We provide consulting on stowing and securing of all goods on or in vehicles. Securing heavy loads involves a number of particularly challenging demands for both personnel and equipment.

This is particularly important because even the smallest error in this aspect can lead to severe safety defects or deficiencies that may result in major damages or accidents.


We ensure that goods are professionally and securely packaged for transportation in accordance with the latest regulations.

Rig up services

Based on our multi-year experience in 5 continents and offshore zone, we can be an effective supplier for rig up services for your heavy duty equipment and installations.

Please contact is today for an informal discussion of your current transportation chellenge.

Inspections and field service