DDE has about 10 years of uninterrupted API monogram history. During this time we had excellent quality record with high customers’ reviews of our products and services.

We are certified by all major certification programmes including:

  • API 4f
  • API 7k
  • API 8c
  • ISO 9001 (Certified by Bureau Veritas International)
  • ISO 14001 (Certified by Bureau Veritas International)
  • OHSAS 8001 (Certified by Bureau Veritas International)

The respective policies are regularly reviewed by our management to ensure a rigorous continuous improvement practices application. We do lessons learned analysis after every project: either small or large always updating our manuals and procedures. Our management does procedures training on regular basis to ensure the robust process standartisation.

We are constantly running internal training programs for our workers ensuring they follow best practices and certification. In the location area of our facility we are well known for our harsh personnel requirement. That helps to ensure the quality of our work is one of the best in the world.

The company cares about the safety of its personnel, visitors and clients with safety system being part of overall Management system. We have excellent safety record (OSHA – 0,8 in 2008). The company has also working system of environmental protection and minimization of environmental impact of our activity.