Take advantage of our advanced modeling and drawing capability. Our Engineering Services have been designing with the help of 3D CAD Modeling with Autodesk Inventor™ and Autodesk AutoCAD™ since 2008.

We use 3D models for computer simulations in a wide variety of practical contexts, such as:

  • Behavior of structures under stress and other conditions
  • Forecasting the strength of structures and mechanisms of their destruction
  • Design of complex systems

3D modelling ensures that clients avoid the usual common mistakes when preparing specifications for fabrication.
3D CAD models are often used in manuals for animations and 3D modeling, wherein products are 3D modeled before representing them to the clients.

We have been using 2D CAD Modeling and drafting with Autodesk AutoCAD™ to create technical drawings (specifications for fabrication) since 2006.

2D drawing provides a complete presentation of a designed object. and consists of necessary section views, auxiliary views and patterns.

If required, technical drawings can be prepared as exploded-views to show the relationship or order of assembly of the various parts. This drawing can also help to perform disassembly of parts.

These 2D and 3D services are in integral component of all our engineering service options.